"Economics. Finances. Law"

№11/1, 2019

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Vasyl Serhiiovych BIELOZERTSEV, Maryna Oleksandrivna MYKHALOCHKINA

Improvement of the organization of sales cost accounting to ensure efficient sales cost management in industrial enterprise

Larysa Leonidivna OSTROVERKH, Yurii Yuriiovych SHANDRENKO

Research on the legal status of the national digital currency Karbo: the state and the prospects

Natalia Oleksandrivna KOVALCHUK, Maia Pylypivna FEDYSHYN, Artur Vitaliiovych ZHAVORONOK

Liquidity as a criterion for optimizing the structure of the enterprise’s current assets

Serhii Anatoliiovych TKACHENKO, Olena Mykolaivna POTYSHNIAK, Yevheniia Serhiivna POLIAKOVA

Monitoring the importance of improving the subsystem of systematic economic analysis and evaluation at enterprises of industry, scientific and industrial unions

Anna Volodymyrivna IVASHCHENKO

Designing the organizational process of managing logistic events in restaurant business

Oleksandr Petrovych RADCHENKO, Oryna Ihorivna KONOPLIA

Moratorium on sale of land: expediency of abolition and prospect of development agrarian to sector in Ukraine

Vira Petrivna KHOMUTENKO, Alla Vitaliivna KHOMUTENKO, Varvara Fedorivna SVITLOOKA, Dmytro Venedyktovych MOTYHIN

Theoretical-methodical approaches to assess the effectiveness of the court-expert activities